Collision Investigation Services

Accident investigation advice at an early stage: It is often helpful to consider the merits of your case in order to make critical decisions about its strengths and weaknesses. Costs can easily spiral and it may be appropriate to make strategic decisions at an early stage. We can help you make this task easier.

Full accident reconstruction service: We can undertake a complete accident investigation and reconstruction service tailored to the circumstances of the case. This might necessitate a scene visit and may include: scale plans, digital still and/or video photography, scientific calculations of speed based upon skid marks, damage or pedestrian injuries.

Witness Interviews: Witness evidence needs to be recorded fully and accurately. We can interview witnesses and prepare a record of that interview in a format appropriate for court purposes.

Police Vehicle Collisions: After an accident involving a police vehicle, the police will often rely on accident investigation evidence or evidence provided by Incident Data Recorders (I.D.R.s). IDRs are similar to ‘black box’ recorders and are fitted to most police vehicles. They record the police vehicles speed, lights, sirens, indicators and a host of other information. After an accident, the information is usually downloaded. We can interpret that information.

Pedestrian Collisions: It is often possible to determine speeds of vehicles where pedestrians are involved. Gary Mason is one of only a handful of UK experts trained by the Road Accident Investigation Service of Australia, an internationally recognised organisation, to reconstruct such accidents. The principles are widely used in Australia and the USA but are less well known in the UK. Again, these are scientific principles and methods based upon worldwide research and real world data and are just as relevant in the UK and are likely to become increasingly significant in such cases.

Critical Review of previously prepared reports: Where an accident reconstruction report has previously been prepared, then we can critically review that report to determine its accuracy, validity or credibility.

Undertake Criminal Defence Work: Conviction for the most serious driving offences will invariably result in a custodial sentence; even a period of disqualification can have massive consequences. Where the police rely on accident reconstruction evidence, we can assess its strengths and weaknesses and challenge or advise accordingly.

Personal Injury claims: It is important that those injured in road traffic collisions are properly compensated. Some claims can run to millions of pounds so it is vital that liability issues are properly resolved. Whether you are assisting a claim or defending one, we can provide reliable reconstruction evidence that will help establish what actually happened and who is responsible. If you are unhappy with the outcome of an expert’s report we can review it.