About RGM

Gary Mason M.Sc. (Collision Investigation), was the Senior Collision Investigator for one of the biggest police forces in the UK. He has thirty years experience within the police and has been involved in the investigation and reconstruction of road accidents for the majority of that time.

He was a Senior Investigating Officer and was responsible for leading and managing many, complex, multi-fatal and catastrophic injury accidents. During that time he achieved a 100% prosecution success rate.

As a specialist accident investigator, or reconstructionist, he has provided numerous reports for HM Coroners, for prosecutions at the Crown Courts and for civil matters. As Senior Collision Investigator he was responsible, not only for preparing his own cases but for validating and ensuring that reports prepared by his collision investigation team were accurate.  He regularly gives evidence at Criminal and Civil Courts.

He has many formal qualifications, plus a wealth of experience, within the field of collision investigation and has been trained by major international organisations such as Michelin (UK) and Siemens (UK). In November 2008, he undertook specialist training in relation to collisions involving pedestrians and pedal cyclists. This training was led by the Road Accident Investigation Service of Australia, internationally recognised leaders in this field. He was the only, independent, accident investigator to attend this course.

He was also awarded Master of Science in Collision Investigation following full time study at Teesside University.  His principal area of research was the reliability of Investigation Methods of Pedestrian Collisions.

In line with his previous commitment to the police, he gives his personal assurance that all investigations will be carried out thoroughly and with the utmost integrity.

He currently handles civil and criminal cases throughout the UK on behalf of major law firms and insurers and has enjoyed considerable success in this arena.

He holds vetted status on the UK Register of Expert Witnesses.